• Midterms will take place at the end of four week blocks.
  • Solutions will be handed out in class.
  • All exams will be held in our normal lecture room.

Summary of Exam Scores:

Exam 1:
Mean=19.9, Median=20.0, Std. Dev.=1.91, Min=15, Max=24.

Exam 2:
Mean=19.0, Median=20.0, Std. Dev.=3.32, Min=10, Max=23.

Exam 3:
Mean=19.5, Median=20.0, Std. Dev.=2.05, Min=13, Max=23.

Final Exam:
Mean=30.2, Median=30.0, Std. Dev.=3.06, Min=23, Max=35.