An obviously biased selection of some nice things students have said about this course:

Sources: course evaluations and emails.

Fall 2011:
  • "Very enthusiastic, excellent at keeping the material as interesting as possible."
  • "Incredibly funny and approachable."
  • "He gets super excited about the subject."
  • "Made a dry subject interesting."
  • "His humour is appreciated especially since most of the math seems irrelevant to engineers this semester. His office hours are by far the best that I have ever attended. I also liked the weighting of homeworks vs. exams, the homeworks are harder and therefore are also worth more."
  • "Funny, upbeat man who clearly loves his subject."
  • Really passionate about numbers in boxes.
  • "Prof. Dodds was really personal and funny. He made the lectures interesting even though linear algebra is very difficult to understand."
  • "Friendly and open. Very knowledgable. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI."
  • "He kept things lively, and always had some quirky comment that made things always interesting and fun entertaining."
  • "I think the instructor presents the material in a very realistic fashion and relates it to real life. His personal traits are reflected in his teaching - that being humorous and having the ability to present difficult material in a less stressful enviornment the practice exams are very helpful."
  • "Different colors of chalk is always awesome. Also kept the subject interesting, never seemed boring or tedious."
  • "Great professor and helpful. Gave clear expectations for exams."
  • "Challenging theoretically not algebraically."
  • "New way of thinking about math."
  • "Solving systems of equations is a breeze now---thank you! It has helped me to organize multiple systems and understand subspaces and quick matrix tricks and short-cuts."
  • Liked: "Professor Dodd' s mannerisms."
  • Liked "How it relates to many things our generation uses."
  • "I liked that now I can look back and realize how amazing matrices and Ax = b actually are. ... it's amazing how at the end everything we learned made sense and fit together."