A super out-of-date list of talks:

(To be greatly improved with a script.)

  • ``Complexity, Big Data Science, Measuring Happiness the Big Data Way''
    Discrete Mathematics Days
    St. Michael's College, VT, July, 2011.
  • ``Measuring Happiness the Big Data Way''
    (team presented with C. Danforth)
    Vermont Clinincal and Translational Medicine Seminar
    Burlington, VT, February, 2011.
  • ``The emotional content of large-scale texts: The happiness of bloggers, song lyrics, and presidents.''
    Laszlo Barabasi's Lab, Northeastern University,
    Boston, MA, December, 2008.
  • ``Social and Biological Contagion: Models and Experiments''
    Colloquium—Selected Challenges in the Social Sciences: Modeling and Simulation Approaches,
    ETH Zurich,
    Switzerland, May, 2008.
  • ``The scaling of optimal supply networks: implications for biological and geophysical systems.''
    Workshop on Transport Systems Geography, Geosciences, and Networks,
    Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA,
    Los Angeles, CA, May, 2008.
  • ``Social and Biological Contagion: Models and Experiments.''
    Harvard Business School Marketing Seminar,
    Cambridge, MA, 2008.
  • ``Influence and Social Contagion: Models and Experiments.''
    Stanford Graduate School of Business Marketing Seminar,
    Stanford, CA, 2008.
  • ``Contagion in social and biological systems.''
    European Conference on Complex Systems,
    Dresden, Germany, October, 2007.