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Some streamable spoutings:

:: Measuring Happiness, Health, & Social Stories, the Big Data Way.

Talk given at UMass Amherst for Computational Social Science Institute. Amherst, MA, September 2014 (approx. 90 minutes; includes 60 minute talk and 30 minutes of Q and A):

:: Human language has a self-similar positively biased emotional spectrum.

Talk given at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, UT, May 2013 (approx. 25 minutes; includes Danforth's hair and 10 minutes of Q and A):

:: Measuring the happiness and health of populations in real time using an unexpectedly tunable hedonometer.

Talk given at joint FuturICT/Media Lab workshop, MIT, Cambridge, MA, February 2013 (approx. 23 minutes):

:: Why Is Global Success So Unpredictable?
Making sense of influence, social contagion, marketing, and stories.

Talk given at TEDxUVM 2012: "Big Scale, Big Fail?",
Burlington, Vermont, October 2012 (approx. 15 minutes):

:: The Emotional Content of Large-Scale Texts: The Happiness of Bloggers, Song Lyrics, and Presidents.

Talk given at the International Workshop on Challenges and Visions in the Social Sciences, Zurich, 2008 (offsite, approx. 1 hour):