Assignments for happiness augmentation

The joy, the joy it is here:

The actual assignments:

How grading works:

Questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

  • 3 = correct or very nearly so.
  • 2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
  • 1 = needs major revisions.
  • 0 = way off, no banana or equivalent reward. Ook.

And for the full score, you must show your complete working ...

Some initial data for assignments:

Google vocabulary data set (3 formats):

Assignment format and submission:

  • Grad students are required to use LaTeX. Optional for undergrads.
  • Please submit PDFs via Blackboard.
  • Note: Please scan your assignment if not using LaTeX.
  • Once projects are underway, please submit your project’s current draft in pdf format via Blackboard.
  • Please include links to your Github/Gitlab/Git pages production and note updates made there.