Assignments for happy times:

How grading works:

Questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

  • 3 = correct or very nearly so.
  • 2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
  • 1 = needs major revisions.
  • 0 = way off, no banana or equivalent reward. Ook.

And for the full score, you must show your complete working ...

Some initial data for assignments:

Mark Newman houses and posts links to numerous data sets available for general consumption.

The actual assignments:

Assignment format and submission:

  • Grad students are required to use LaTeX. Optional for undergrads.
  • Please submit PDFs via email to both:
    • (the +coconuts is very helpful!).
  • Name your file as follows (where the number is to be padded by a 0 if less than 10 and names are all lowercase): CSYS300assignment%02d$firstname-$lastname.pdf as in CSYS300assignment06michael-palin.pdf
  • Note: Please scan your assignment if not using LaTeX.
  • Please submit your project’s current draft in pdf format via email to
  • Please use this file name format (all lowercase after CSYS): CSYS300project-$firstname-$lastname-YYYY-MM-DD.pdf as in CSYS300project-lisa-simpson-1989-12-17.pdf
  • Please include links to your Github/Git pages production and note updates made there.
  • Assignments will generally be dispersed on Thursdays and due the following Friday by 11:59 pm, 8 days later.