Guide to the Episode Guide:

Below is a (graphical) list of PoCS episodes (formerly known as lectures). Each episode covers one or more Slide Sets which in turn may be covered in one more more episodes (score: bipartite affiliation graphs).

A few details:

  • Screen capture and video creation are made possible by ScreenFlow.
  • Key implements include several iPod touches, the second generation Swivl thing, a Sennheiser wireless kit, and a Countryman microphone.
  • Episodes are housed on youtube and will be viewable in up to 1440HD (this likely needs to be selected manually after hitting play, via the little cog thing).

  • In class notes are generated with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using the beautiful GoodNotes, and displayed on screen via Mirroring360.
  • For ease of retweeting, tweets announcing each episodes's coming into existence are embedded.
  • There are no comfy chairs.

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The Episode Guide:

2016-12-20: Video production has taken far longer than planned this semester. Please see Season 9 of PoCS for a full semester of episodes.