Guide to the Episode Guide:

  • Below is a (graphical) list of recorded Matrixology episodes (elsewhere known as lectures).
  • Slides and notes are available here and crosslinked with the relevant episode.

  • Episodes are housed on youtube and will be viewable in up to 1440HD.
  • Key implements include a first generation iPad Pro (Wandering Albatross) with an Apple Pencil, a Logitech webcam, and a Sennheiser wireless kit.

  • Screen capture and video creation are made possible by ScreenFlow.
  • Episode notes are recorded on the iPad Pro using the beautiful GoodNotes, and displayed on screen via Mirroring360.
  • There are no comfy chairs.

The complete youtube playlist for all online lectures is here. The course's site contains more interconnected goodness so you are encouraged to stay here.

The Episode Guide:

Coming soon …