Slides from Lectures:

Below is a tentative list of the lecture slide sets for this semester. Slides will become available as the semester progresses.

The slides are clickable pdf's, with links to relevant articles and web pages, section links in the sidebar, and navigation icons at the bottom of each slide. The reference section for each set of slides includes links to papers, and superscript citation numbers link to the reference section as well (please let me know if any links behave badly).

If you want a printed copy, the handouts provide condensed and collapsed versions of the slides.

The `lecture' pdf's include all the incremental reveals whereas the `slides' pdf's have flattened frames and are better for reading online.

  1. Overview of complex systems:
    [slides] (96 pages);
    [handout] (16 pages);
    [lecture] (234 pages).

  2. Some suggestions for projects:
    [slides] (124 pages);
    [handout] (21 pages);
    [lecture] (452 pages).

  3. Overview of complex networks:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  4. Scaling:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  5. More scalingorama. Power-law size distributions:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  6. Mechanisms leading to power-law size distributions I, including Herbert Simon's ideas:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  7. A touch of Zipf:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  8. Mechanisms leading to power-law size distributions II, including Benoît Mandelbrot's ideas:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  9. Some recent findings regarding language evolution:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  10. Lognormals and other impediments to universality:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  11. Overview of contagion and biological contagion:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  12. Personality distributions:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  13. Benford's law:
    [slides] (10 pages);
    [handout] (2 pages);
    [lecture] (20 pages).

  14. Social contagion:
    [slides] (85 pages);
    [handout] (15 pages);
    [lecture] (250 pages).

  15. Voting and the role of social construction in creating superstars:
    [slides] (25 pages);
    [handout] (5 pages);
    [lecture] (36 pages).

    Additional topics:

  16. Generalized contagion:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

  17. Entropy:
    [slides] [handout] [lecture]

Collected course bibliography:

Note: I use the excellent beamer Latex class and some sneaky perl scripts to generate these lectures.

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