Being vegan—bring on the plants:

An excellent site to explore is Vegan Outreach, especially the online version of their Why Vegan? brochure. The main thing is to find out, think, observe, consider.

Specific foodstuffs that may induce happiness:


Nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and chocolate chips. Instead of lunch, consume liberally throughout the day.

Lembas (Endurance Crackers):

An excellent algorithm to combine a profusion of seeds (no flour, chia is the glue). A chocolate-themed expansion of the code base is here.

Vice Cream:

A game in which cashews, maple syrup, and water have an interesting group experience with a blender, a fridge, and an ice cream maker. The result is an exceptional ice-cream-like product. One needs a blender with some oomph. The book is here.

Coconut hot chocolate:

Recipe here, exposition here.

French lentil sauce:


The no-knead method of the Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC. Outstanding and easy (though not quick—it's a twenty hour process).

Here's how it works: