Episodes and Slides:

Below are full video replays of all 25 episodes (lectures) from Season 8 of PoCS, followed by all slides deployed in the course.

bottle episodes; we will occasionally overlay some other tropes.

The slides are clickable pdf's, with links to relevant articles and web pages, section links in the sidebar, and navigation icons at the bottom of each slide. The reference section for each set of slides includes links to papers; superscript citation numbers link to the reference section as well (please let me know if any links or penguins behave badly).

Each set of slides comes in three delicious flavors:

  1. The slides pdf's have flattened frames and are better for reading separately online. Use these if you follow the (terrifyingly long) videos and want to click on things.
  2. If you want a printed copy, possibly because trees upset you, the handout pdf's provide condensed and collapsed versions of the slides. These aren't very hyperlinky however (such is paper).
  3. Lecture pdf's are what was presented in class (and contain all the within page reveals).

Due to remorseless tinkering, the slides may have changed a little from what was recorded. Some video details:

  1. Screen capture and video creation is made possible by the remarkable ScreenFlow.
  2. Implements include three iPod touches, the original Swivl thing, Sennheiser wireless kit, and a Countryman microphone.
  3. Episodes are all in HD (1440p this year).
  4. No comfy chairs will be used.

To generate these lectures, I use the excellent beamer LaTeX class, XeLaTeX, PerlTeX, and a selection of handcrafted, possibly dangerous Perl scripts, and the always dangerous Emacs.

Episode Guide:

Slide Guide:




All references for the course can be viewed as slides or downloaded as handout format. The underlying bibtex file is here.

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