Assignmenty things:

Note: Assignments may include embedded video hints. You will need Acroread (although it's a bit fluky) to view these or follow the link to Youtube. Print versions have these removed because, well, paper.
  1. Assignment "The Wailing",
    due Thursday, September 17.
    Print version.
  2. Assignment "The Two of Surprises",
    due Thursday, September 24.
    Print version.

  3. Relevant Google vocabulary data set (3 formats):
  4. Assignment "The drunken hobbit",
    due Thursday, October 1 Monday, October 5 (12 pm at Farrell Hall or by email from anywhere in the universe).
    Print version.
  5. Assignment "The different rich",
    due by 12 pm, Friday, October 9.
    Print version.
  6. Assignment "The balance of words",
    due by 12 pm 5 pm, Monday, October 12.
    Print version.
  7. Assignment "The River Styx",
    due by 5 pm, Friday, October 16.
    Print version.
  8. Assignment "Slice of Heaven",
    due by 5 pm, Friday, November 13.
    Print version.
  9. Assignment "A sort of greenish-purple",
    due by 5 pm, Friday, November 20.
    Print version.


How the grading works—questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

3 = correct or very nearly so.
2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
1 = needs major revisions.
0 = way off, no banana.

And for the full score, you must show your working...


Handed out in class.