Levels (Assignments):

How the grading works: Questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

3 = correct or very nearly so.
2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
1 = needs major revisions.
0 = way off, no banana or equivalent reward.

And for the full score, you must show all your work.

Note: Some assignment pdfs may contain video hints embedded from youtube. You will need to open these pdfs using Adobe Acroread for the video to work. The "print version" has these removed.

Pong, Level 1, due Thursday, January 22.
Print version.

Zork, Level 2, due Thursday, January 29.
Print version.

Space Invaders, Level 3, due Thursday, February 5.
Print version.

Asteroids, Level 4, due Thursday, February 19.
Print version.

Pac-Man, Level 5, due Thursday, February 26.
Print version.

Note: here's a correction for Question 2c
(a copyo kind of typo).

Donkey Kong, Level 6, due Tuesday, March 17.
Print version.

Galaga, Level 7, due Tuesday, March 31 Thursday, April 2 Tuesday, April 7 (Deliverator was offline).
Print version.

Pitfall, Level 8, due Tuesday, April 14.
Print version.

Q*bert, Level 9, due Tuesday, April 21.
Print version.

Tetris, Level 10, due Thursday, April 30.
Print version.

Summary of Level Scores:

Level 1 (out of 31):
Mean=26.4, Median=27.0, Std. Dev.=3.61, Min=16.0, Max=31.0.

Level 2 (out of 31):
Mean=26.5, Median=28.0, Std. Dev.=5.37, Min=0.0, Max=31.0.

Level 3 (out of 37):
Mean=30.9, Median=34.0, Std. Dev.=8.89, Min=0.0, Max=37.0.

Level 4 (out of 31):
Mean=25.0, Median=27.0, Std. Dev.=7.01, Min=0.0, Max=36.0.

Level 5 (out of 31):
Mean=24.4, Median=27.0, Std. Dev.=7.55, Min=0.0, Max=31.0.

Level 6 (out of 31):
Mean=26.1, Median=28.0, Std. Dev.=5.02, Min=6.0, Max=31.0.

Level 7 (out of 31):
Mean=25.3, Median=27.0, Std. Dev.=7.05, Min=0.0, Max=35.0.

Level 8 (out of 31):
Mean=25.4, Median=27.5, Std. Dev.=7.13, Min=0.0, Max=31.0.

Level 9 (out of 31):
Mean=19.6, Median=24.0, Std. Dev.=11.32, Min=0.0, Max=31.0.

Level 10 (out of 31):
Mean=24.2, Median=26.8, Std. Dev.=8.04, Min=0.0, Max=31.0.