Game over: This site supported the Spring, 2015 edition of Matrixology and is now archival. The most recent version of Matrixology can be found here.

Who, What, Where, etc.:

  • Basics:

    Deliverator: Prof. Peter Dodds

    Lecture room: Angell B112
    Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 to 2:15 pm

    Office: Farrell Hall, second floor, Trinity Campus

    Office hours:
    12:30 to 3:00 pm, Mondays.

  • Content delivery:

    All episodes (recorded lectures) and slides are organized here and here, and a youtube playlist is here.

    Follow @matrixologyvox for course updates and other goodness.

    Chalk: Normal sized, colored.

  • Textbook:

    Introduction to Linear Algebra (3rd or 4th edition) by Gilbert Strang (published by Wellesley-Cambridge Press).

    Strang (a total champion) provides a good portion of the 5th edition online here.

    The complete syllabus lives here.

  • Awesomeness level:

    Very, very high. Matrixology is spectacular. The course has a natural overall arc that revolves around the Big Picture below.

Course objective:

Our goal is to deeply understand the matrix equation A x = b, the Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra, why having a small Left Null Space is cool, and everything about the following Picture of Bigness.

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An example episode: